Tonia Distillaries


If God had made Gin then he would have probably made something like this. This young golden straw colored Dutch hand crafted Genever type Gin is truly a throw back in time. The recipe dates back almost a 100 years to the Holland of old and the resultant gin emanates aromas of rich but course Malt and distinct Juniper to offer an exhilarating nasal experience. This is delightfully followed on the palate by Nutty& Smoky Chocolate, Sweet Berries, Juniper, Cardamom, Lemongrass, Ginger, Pepper and other botanicals each softly vying for domination over the other as if in a large musical ensemble. It is crisp and gorgeous in gin style cocktails and brings along a whisper of malt to give it a true Genever character.


Product Type : Indian Dry Gin
Alcohol Content : 42.8%