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Since we believe in responsible consumption of alcoholic beverages this site is intended for adults of legal drinking age only.

If you’re underage and want to learn more about whisky and other alcoholic beverages, we appreciate your interest, but please come back and look around when you’re of legal drinking age.

When consumed properly, alcoholic beverages can be an enjoyable part of life. However, we all know people who over-indulge or become addicted to it, and when that happens, alcohol can play a role in destroying life. Alcoholism can strike anyone, but it’s not just the addict who suffers, but that person’s family and friends as well. The community isn’t for the binge drinker, or the socially irresponsible type. Be smart about your alcohol consumption, be responsible, and be respectful of others. No one’s perfect, but if we start an evening with responsibility in mind, the chances are better that we’ll end the evening that same way. Above all else, never, ever drink and drive. Whatever you do drink responsibly and take complete responsibility for your actions.